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Bars Sessions, Face Lift sessions, Body Processes
and Bars Classes
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Allows your body to recognize and release tension patterns by
awakening your self-corrective reflexes.  Balance and deeply re-align your
neuro-muscular system with this safe, effective somatic approach to bodywork.

Relaxation ~ Stress Reduction

Discover the serenity of a quiet mind as you drift with   
relaxing, rhythmic strokes that soothe nerves, melt stress and move fluids,
replenishing you mentally and physically.

Deep Tissue

A direct approach to lengthening and releasing the contracted muscles
that cause pain, stiffness and restrict your ability to move freely.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Utilizes precise positioning and gentle client initiated movement against resistance to
decrease muscle contraction and increase range of motion.

Myofacial Release

The focus of this work is to open up or lengthen the
continuous facial sheath that permeates our physical structure.  In a contracted state
it may cause pain, discomfort or postural imbalances as well as robbing us of energy.

Neural Manipulation

These techniques provide a means to gently work directly with the nerves themselves.  
Gentle direct manipulation of  the nerves helps to restore nerve health and function.

Visceral Manipulation

Gentle, anatomically specific manipulation of the organs and soft tissues that support them,
aiding the body in relieving restrictions and associated compensation patterns.  
It is estimated that 90% of recurring musculo-skeletal problems
have a contributing visceral component.

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